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New Gunner Trailer Revealed

UK independent studio nDreams has revealed a brand new trailer for the forthcoming Gunner, a Samsung Gear VR exclusive title set for release in the very near future. Gunner is a space combat videogame set in the year 2167, and as an ‘Elite Gunner’ it is your job to defend against an impending rebel threat.

Gunner has been built from the ground-up to take advantage of the unique features of the Samsung Gear VR. A bright art design plays host to quick-fire space battles in which the player controls an active gun turret by simply focussing their line-of-sight on the enemy vessels. It’s aiming to be a videogame that’s quick to learn and difficult to master; exactly the kind of experience that Gear VR will need at launch.

The Gear VR itself was recently confirmed to launch in the US early next month, though no specific date has yet been announced. A European rollout is expected for early 2015, but again no official date has been given. VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest details on Gunner and other software heading to the forthcoming Gear VR.

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