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Preview: The Blu VR

Virtual reality (VR) will in time play host to many different experiences. Videogames are of course at the forefront and there has been much talk of use in industry and military applications. But there are other forms of entertainment that stand to benefit from VR also, including documentaries. This is where Wemolabs step in.


The Blu VR, at present, is a very short introduction to what promises to be an interesting view of life under the sea. The demonstration version begins with a few small fish swimming by under the user. The calming backing track and slowly delivered commentary encourage the user to relax and let the experience wash over them. Then, a huge whale enters the picture.

The tempo doesn’t change however. The colossal size of the creature is made less intimidating by the slow pace of the experience. The whale curves by the user, turning on it’s axis to reveal it’s underbelly after coming eye-to-eye. It’s a step away from looking deep into the creature as would be the case with real-life contact, but it’s surely only a matter of time until the visual quality of experiences such as this near the point of imperceptibility.

Following the whale’s exit the commentator suggests that there are larger creatures in the deep. A small groups of sharks enter from below, but they move in such as fashion that you don’t get as good a view of their extremities. They are objects to observe rather than characters in a play. The third large sea beast is the manta ray. The commentator suggests they typically operate solo but can move in packs; at which point a large group forms on the left side of the user, swimming overhead.

This brief taster of The Blu VR was evident of how the fuller experience would unfurl, as was of course intended. The visual quality was impressive and, despite the fact the area behind the user is essentially dead space, the use of deep dive for the platform allows for some impressive visual decoration on the creatures themselves. This, of course, is the most important aspect of The Blu VR as it is intended to be an insight into marine life and not the ecosystems that exist deep under the ocean surface.

There’s currently no confirmation as to when The Blu VR will be made available for Gear VR, nor what price the product will hold when it comes to market. However, as a stepping stone to broader experiences in VR WemoLabs have positioned themselves very well. VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest details on The Blu VR and other VR titles from WemoLabs.

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