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[UPDATED] Reload Studios Testing Mobile VR But Release Not Confirmed

UPDATE: Reload Studios has been in touch with VRFocus to clarify that, while it is testing mobile VR development, it has not committed to release its videogame on Gear VR at this point in time. VRFocus apologies for the confusion.

ORIGINAL STORY: Earlier in the year a team of developers formerly working at Call of Duty developer Infinity Ward established a new indie outfit named Reload Studios. At the time the company confirmed that it would be creating virtual reality (VR) videogames among other experiences and has since teased a multiplayer VR first-person shooter (FPS). The studio has done all of this without ever specifically stating just what head-mounted displays (HMD) it was working on. Today the company has finally confirmed which devices it is developing for.


Speaking at the ‘Developing high-performance apps for Gear VR’ session at the 2014 Samsung Developer Conference, Reload Studios’ Hougant Chen confirmed that the team was currently working with both the Gear VR smarphone-based HMD and the Oculus Rift PC HMD. The former was somewhat obvious given the panel that Chen and colleague Chetan Bedi were appearing on, but this still marks the first time that the developer has confirmed as much.

That said, Chen didn’t mention if the team was developing seperate projects for each respective HMD, or creating a cross-platform title. An educated guess, based on the visually impressive teaser trailer that was recently posted online, would be that the company is indeed working on two different projects as a multiplayer FPS might prove too demanding for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 smartphone running inside Gear VR. Still, this is purely a guess on VRFocus‘ part.

VRFocus will continue to follow Reload Studios’ closely, reporting back with any further updates on its VR development.

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