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Samsung Reveals Project Beyond 360 Degree Camera for Streaming With Gear VR

The 2014 Samsung Developer Conference Keynote is currently under way and the company has just made its first Gear VR-related announcement. The electronics giant has announced Project Beyond, a new stereoscopic 360 degree camera for use with its smartphone-based virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD). The company claims that the camera will unlock ‘new possibility’ for Gear VR and its compatible smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

Project Beyond took to the stage at the keynote in San Francisco this morning. A demonstration showcased a Gear VR user watching video streamed from the camera itself. Samsung revealed that multiple Gear VR units will be able to do this with ‘no lag’ although VRFocus did detect a small amount in the on-stage demonstration. The camera itself appears as a flat circle with multiple cameras positioned around the edges. Judging by the image below, it appears to house eight cameras.

Currently there are no release details for Project Beyond, although it is hoped that more information on Gear VR itself will be shared at SDC. Developed in partnership with Oculus VR, the device uses the Galaxy Note 4’s Quad HD display to show VR experiences. It will launch as an ‘Innovator Edition’ aimed at early adopters and developers. VRFocus is at the event to bring you all the latest updates as they happen.


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