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Summer Lesson Designed to Create ‘Buzz’ About Project Morpheus

Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) debuted the much discussed Summer Lesson, a PlayStation 4 title designed exclusively for Project Morpheus, at an event in Tokyo, Japan, this weekend. Speaking about the videogame, Katsuhiro Harada, producer, stated that Summer Lesson had been designed to create a ‘large buzz’ around virtual reality (VR) and specifically the Project Morpheus hardware.

Talking in a Bandai Namco Games interview recorded at the event, Harada revealed some of the intentions behind Summer Lesson. According to the producer of the title, the videogame is intended to break down the normal walls that exist between player and in-game character. The character within the videogame, a Japanese schoolgirl, will recognise the player’s input and react accordingly.


Examples that were given include that if you turn away from the girl too much she will become upset and if you quickly move close towards her she will become surprised. Harada suggested that he wanted to trigger specific emotions from the player given this premise and relation to a single character, including nervousness.

Harada also states that the head-mounted display (HMD) is only the first step for VR, and that his team is currently developing additional content for Project Morpheus that will excel beyond anything yet seen.

Harada has been linked to Project Morpheus for some time, reportedly stating that he was ‘first to raise his hand’ when the opportunity arose to develop for the VR hardware. VRFocus will continue to follow Summer Lesson and Project Morpheus, reporting back with any new information on both software and hardware.

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