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Turn On Aiming for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, iOS, Android & Windows Phone

Independent studios have a hard time when it comes to choosing a format. Not only do they have to think about where their videogames will fit, but also which audiences have the potential to maximise their return on investment. Brainy Studio is hedging their bets with a multitude of formats, aiming to bring the forthcoming Turn On to as many systems as possible.

Beginning with a Windows Phone version of the videogame – the first on Microsoft’s mobile format to offer a virtual reality (VR) experience – Turn On is now set to come to a multitude of mobile formats. Further to this, Brainy Studio are also aiming for home consoles.


“We decided to make virtual reality support for Windows Phone platform first because we tried to find the big screen to use a handmade virtual reality headset,” offered Evgeniy Romin, CEO Brainy Studio. “We decided to make our own headset and we use the big one: it was Lumia 1520.”

“It’s not hard for us to make versions for different platforms because we use Unity,” adds Romin. “So we have versions for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. We really want to get to Xbox One in the developers programme from Microsoft… also I think we would like to have our game at PlayStation.”

Android, iOS and Windows Phone formats have compatibility with VR head-mounted displays through a number of different head-mounted displays (HMDs), some of which are already available. Microsoft’s plans for Xbox One are still firmly under wraps, but the PlayStation 4 has Project Morpheus gaining momentum for an anticipated release in 2015.


“If we go to the PlayStation 4 I think we can add support of [Project] Morpheus,” states Romin. “It’s like, you create the game in Unity game engine and you try to make level design for virtual reality, and when [you’re] done you just push the button: I want this game at the PlayStation 4 or I want the game at Xbox One. So, for us, it’s very simple as developers.”

Though no solid release date has yet been confirmed, Turn On is expected to launch in early 2015. VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest details on the videogame and bring you the full interview with Evgeniy Romin very soon.

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