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Unreal Engine 4.6 to Integrate Oculus VR 0.4.3 SDK

Epic Games has offered developers an early look at the updates coming to Unreal Engine 4 in the next release, 4.6, which include an important upgrade for virtual reality (VR) developers. There are a number of noteworthy new features listed in the preview, but highest on the list for the VR development community will most certainly be the integration of the latest SDK and Runtimes from Oculus VR.

Unreal Engine 4 is a hugely popular engine built to aid the development of visually intensive videogames. The engine is also incredibly flexible however, offering a great deal of opportunity for developers looking to bring to life their ideas across a multitude of formats. The forthcoming 4.6 update, which has not yet had a release date confirmed, will be great news for those currently developing for the second iteration of the Oculus Rift development kit (aka DK2).


A list of new additions was posted on the official Unreal Engine forum, and below VRFocus has included those which Epic Games’ Adam Davis has noted as ‘major’ new features. VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest details on Unreal Engine 4, reporting back when this latest update is available.

Major New Features:

  • Static Lighting on Instanced Static Meshes (including Foliage)
  • Improvements to the GitHub branch distribution process
  • UObject Improvements
  • Landscape Split Out
  • Humanoid Rig
  • Support for Multi-Montages
  • Root Motion from Everything
  • Cast Unification
  • Precomputed Direct Lighting from Emissive Materials
  • Multiple Material Improvements
  • Improvements to Montage Editing in Persona
  • Keyboard and Controller input and focus unified. Controller Navigation added
  • Initial support for composite fonts for Slate, UMG, and Canvas
  • Cook in Editor
  • Network record/replay system
  • Upgraded engine to use Oculus VR 0.4.3 SDK / Runtimes
  • Online sessions exposed to Blueprints
  • Web Browser Support
  • New Blueprint Menu System
  1. Lol this engine is going to get to 5.0 before we even see a single major AAA release that uses it.

  2. I mean 2 games out by Warner in April and June next year, MK X and Batman Arkham Knight are still using the ancient Unreal Engine 3.

  3. I think they iterate so quickly because of the subscription model. Most people resubscribe once a new update comes. But no complaining here. Epic does fantastic work with the development and also community support. Looking forward what happens to their Unreal Tournament Community project as well.

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