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12 Days of VR Gaming – Day 8: QBEH-1: The Atlas Cube

One of the very few finished products available with official native support of the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD), QBEH-1: The Atlas Cube stands as a prime example of how developers can make use of the unique features of virtual reality (VR) gaming to benefit their experience, so long as the videogame underneath it all is suitable material. QBEH-1: The Atlas Cube makes it into VRFocus‘ ‘12 Days of VR Gaming’ series through offering an experience that capitalises on VR technology so early in it’s modern rebirth.

QBEH-1: The Atlas Cube is a puzzle videogame played from a first-person perspective. Launched back in August 2014, QBEH-1: The Atlas Cube arrived with Oculus Rift support as standard, and delivered it in such a way that is way hard to ignore: “Launch the videogame via Steam and a pop-up with two options appears immediately: ‘Play QBEH-1: The Atlas Cube’ or ‘Launch Oculus Rift Mode’. For fans of virtual reality (VR) right now, it doesn’t get better than that,” stated VRFocus in our review of QBEH-1: The Atlas Cube.


QBEH-1: The Atlas Cube, a prequel to our beloved Qbeh – a small student project that found its way online and into the hands and hearts of gamers and journalists and left them wanting more. Thanks to Digital Tribe we were able to take the core concepts and aesthetics introduced in the original and bring even more polish, passion and gameplay into QBEH-1,” states Digital Tribe Games, publisher of QBEH-1: The Atlas Cube. “A great deal of time and effort went into fine-tuning the game for each platform as well as craft what is regarded by many one of the best Oculus Rift experiences available, which makes us very proud.”

QBEH-1: The Atlas Cube is available to purchase via Steam now, priced at £6.99 GBP. The videogame is currently on sale, available for just £2.37 until 2nd January, 2015, and VRFocus will keep you updated with any further VR releases from Digital Tribe Games.

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