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Gear VR

AT&T Taking Gear VR Orders for Launch Tomorrow, Receipt Suggests

Last month electronics giant Samsung revealed that its Gear VR, a smartphone-based virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD) made in partnership with Oculus VR, would be launching in the USA in earlier December 2014. Now that this admittedly vague release window has arrived there’s still no official confirmation on what date the device will launch. Despite this, USA phone carrier AT&T has seemingly confirmed that the kit will be launching in the country early next week.


A Twitter user by the name of Mike Fulcher recently posted an image of his receipt for a Gear VR issued at AT&T’s retail store in Merrillville, Indiana, USA. The image clearly lists the Gear VR at the announced price of $199 USD, with shipping listed below. While the image itself doesn’t give an estimated delivery date, Fulcher stated that an email he received later on confirmed that the kit had already been shipped and was expected to be delivered on Monday. As proof of validity, Fulcher stated that he would post pictures of the kit when it arrived.

If this turns out to be true then it’s a strange move on Samsung’s part. During the company’s Samsung Developer Conference (SDC) last month it launched a pre-register site so that fans could be alerted to when pre-orders would open. At the time of writing, no such alert has been issued and registration for the list is still open. That said, handset manufacturers aren’t known for giving specific launch dates for their latest products, usually rolling them out within a pre-announced window.

Gear VR will launch as an Innovator’s Edition designed for early adopters and developers. The kit will initially feature a free store holding demos and short experiences, with a full premium store expected to launch later down the line. VRFocus will continue to follow Gear VR leading up to release, reporting back with any further updates.


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