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Cyberith Virtualizer

Cyberith Announces Its Own VR Videogame for Use with Virtualizer

It’s been an exciting year for the team at Cyberith, which has seen its hard work pushing its Virtualizer omni-directional treadmill payoff with a very successful Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign in which it raised from $361,452 USD with the help of 577 backers. 2015 will no doubt be even bigger with the company looking to roll out the Virtualizer to its campaign backers and more. But that’s not all the team has planned; it’s also developing its very own virtual reality (VR) videogame for use with the platform.

That videogame is Acan’s Call, an adventure set in an ancient Mayan temple. In an interesting twist, the title’s protagonist suffers from asthma, which he must battle as he solves puzzles and navigates obstacles. The title is designed to also serve as a tutorial for using the Virtualizer itself, which sees players stand on a platform, put on an Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD) and then run, walk and crouch with every movement being simulated within the given VR experience to provide full immersion.

A short preview video of Acan’s Call can be seen below, revealing the title’s first-person perspective and detailed visuals. A team of three developers are currently working on the experience. The developers even plan to offer the title for free to Kickstarter backers that ordered a Virtualizer with their pledge. It’s not clear just how the title will be distributed following this initial rollout. VRFocus will continue to follow Cyberith and its work on both the Virtualizer and Acan’s Call, keeping you up-to-date with all of the latest information.

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