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Xbox One

Developers Confirm Work on Xbox One VR Kit

Earlier today VRFocus reported on rumours that Microsoft was planning to reveal its own virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD) for its Xbox One console at E3 2015 next June, potentially for release later on in the year. Now VRFocus has been informed that VR developers are indeed working with an Xbox One VR HMD already. The developer kit is currently ‘circulating’ a group of developers working on the console.


Several studios have confirmed to VRFocus that they are working with the device, while Techradar has also received similar information that suggests teams have already begun work on software for the kit. No specific information about the device itself or exactly which videogames are in development for it has been revealed just yet. Obviously this will pit Microsoft’s kit directly against the Project Morpheus HMD currently in development for the PlayStation 4, as well as Oculus VR’s own Oculus Rift PC HMD.

This news won’t come as much of a surprise to VR enthusiasts, who have been expecting the reveal of a Microsoft-branded HMD since the company’s Head of Xbox Phil Spencer revealed that it had been working with VR technology ‘for a while’ at the 2014 Game Developer Conference. 2014 has seen the company’s name attached to VR plenty of times, including rumours that FOVE, a tech start up that Microsoft is heavily attached to, is looking at an Xbox One HMD with eye-tracking. Various patents have also pointed towards the company’s interest in such a device. Could these reports lay the foundation for the official HMD?

Either way, it’s a long wait until E3 2015 and in that time both Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) and Oculus VR are likely to be sharing much more about their respective HMDs. VRFocus will be following each and every update within the VR industry, keeping you up-to-date with the latest.

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  1. II really don’t want to buy BOTH the Oculus and this, but I probably will end up doing. I hope Microsoft releases one that’s both compatible with PC and Xbox One.]

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