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Eden River Google Cardboard Screenshots Revealed

Unello Design’s Eden River is currently available for Google Cardboard and PC via Google Play and Steam . Eden River is fully compatible with both these head mounted displays (HMDs),and following the release Eden River unveiled new screenshots to VRFocus

Eden River differentiates itself from other virtual reality (VR) videogames with its lack of monsters or enemies. Instead Eden River sends players on a journey of relaxation. The videogame only requires the player to observe, countering the VR horror genre by tasking the player with few objectives other than peacefully sailing down a river With different modes like ‘adventure mode’ which offers a linear story and ‘endless mode’ for endless relaxation, you can take time to take in the original soundtrack.


Below there are three screenshots which display the wonderfully varied environments. You can see in these screenshots that they simply ooze tranquility with the bright colours and the birds flying through the sky . Eden River is now available via Steam and Google Play, and VRFocus will continue to keep you updated on the progress of the title.

edenriver_cardboard_3 edenriver_cardboard_2 edenriver_cardboard_1


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