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Eden River Now Available on Google Cardboard [UPDATED]

Unello Design’s widely respected Eden River has received a release on Google Cardboard. Lead developer Aaron Lemke has confirmed that the development of the mobile version of the videogame has been completed and is available to download now via Google Play.

Eden River is a simple virtual reality (VR) experience that asks nothing more of players than to drift along a peaceful river, taking in various sights and admiring wildlife as they go. Offering both a linear story option and an endless exploration mode, Eden River adds optional objectives that users may or may not wish to partake in, namely collecting shining orbs as they venture down the river.


According to the official description of the videogame from Unello Design, “Eden River was created as a counterpoint to all the violent horror and action demos prevalent in VR. There is no blood in Eden River, there are no monsters. Instead you cruise down a tranquil river flying along with the animals of the forest.”

Currently available via Steam Early Access, Eden River is compatible with both of the currently available Oculus Rift development kits, DK1 and DK2. The Google Cardboard edition can be downloaded via Google Play now, priced at £1.27 GBP. This new edition of Eden River will surely increase the potential audience of the videogame significantly and VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest details on both the PC and  Google Cardboard versions.

UPDATE: In the original article VRFocus suggested that the PC edition of Eden River is currently available via Steam Early Access. This is incorrect. Eden River is available for PC download via Unello Design’s official website with a Steam version set to launch in the near future.

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