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First Screenshot of Oculus VR’s First Videogame HeroBound: First Steps Released

It’s an exciting day to be a virtual reality (VR) fan in the USA as Samsung and Oculus VR have finally launched the Innovator Edition of Gear VR, the smartphone-based head-mounted display (HMD) that runs using the Galaxy Note 4 handset. The kit is available to order online now, starting at $199.99 USD. Plenty of VR videogames are expected to make their way over to the device in the coming months, including Oculus VR’s first internally developed videogame, the fittingly-named HeroBound: First Steps. Now the first screenshot of this experience has arrived.

This is a videogame that’s had an interesting journey over the past few months. It very much seems like this is the title that initially debuted as VR Quest alongside the reveal of Gear VR itself in September 2014. Oculus VR later revealed that this wasn’t the official title for the experience, which takes the form of a third-person dungeon crawler. Now the company has revealed what appears to be its final name along with a look at the title’s protagonist, a cartoony-looking adventurer who wields a sword.

Oculus VR still hasn’t reveal any full details about the title yet, including if it will be available in any shape or form as the first Gear VRs start to reach consumers. Gear VR is launching with a free store, meaning developers won’t be able to actually charge for content until a premium option arrives early next year. It could be that HeroBound: First Steps sees a demo version before a full release, then, though this isn’t confirmed. The title didn’t show up among the list of demos and experiences available on the store when the Galaxy Note 4 launched an update earlier in the month.

VRFocus will continue to follow both Gear VR and HeroBound: First Steps, reporting back with any further updates on them.


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