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Note 4 Sees Price Drop Ahead of Gear VR Launch

The launch of Samsung’s Gear VR smartphone-based virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD) is imminent, at least in the USA. The company revealed last month that the device would launch in early December in the country and while specific details still haven’t been revealed it appears as if Samsung is preparing for the launch. This week sees the company drop the price of its Galaxy Note 4 smartphone, which is the only handset that is compatible with Gear VR, in what looks like a move to make the set up more affordable for those ready to renew a contract.


The Note 4 can now be picked up on AT&T, Verizon and Sprint contracts for $199 USD. Combine that with the $199 starting price for the Gear VR itself and one could now get the entire set up for under $400. Of course, certain monthly fees will also apply under the contract, although this is true of any phone and undoubtedly makes the Gear VR a more affordable proposition. There doesn’t seem to have been any sort of drop for a straight up purchase of the phone, meaning it will still set you back around $800.

Gear VR will be launching as an Innovator’s Edition that is aimed at both early adopters and developers yet to get their hands on the kit, offering VR experiences running at a 2.5K resolution. It will initially be releasing with a free store only, meaning many of the experiences available at the start will be simple demos or shorter pieces. Some developers however are opting to give entire videogames away for free at the start. A premium store will be arriving later down the line at an unknown date.

VRFocus will continue to follow Gear VR, reporting back with any further updates on its development.

  1. I am getting really sick of this Gear VR yet I want it more than I want anything else at present.
    The mobilzap and mobilefun site has been sayingit is in stock in 3-5 days, then 2 weeks and now it says 2 months, yet they have been taking pre orders for these devices but Samsung has said you can only buy opnline from Samsung. How can a store take preorders when they can not guarantee they are getting it?

    Samsung HAS to give a date soon enough as people are on the ledge waiting for this. I didnt buy a note 4 that is seriously overheating for any app I use, to just sit here and not have a Gear VR. Though I do love the note series.

    I’m now affraid because samsung experience store does not have them in stock, so they havent been shipped to Australia yet which tells me it’s probably only a USA release and I would like to ask if someone out there could BUY me a Samsung Gear and I will swap it with you for a UNOPENED Samsung Note 4 in GOLD color. Straight swap. Ill send it on my fed ex account and fedex guy brings back the gear VR to me, and you keep the phone.

    No contract, not locked etc. I have a spare one as my partner wants to stick with her 4 month old S5 and she recontracted and they gave her the note 4 as it worked out cheaper to recontract to a cheaper plan.

    Or I will swap Jordan 6 slam dunk, or jordan 3 black cement or carmine 6’s or wahtever DS unworn shoes for this device.

    I need someone in USA to send one over to me.

    MAYBE ONE OF THE VRFOCUS guys want to do it for me and get another note 4 for yourselves in exchange?

  2. This part is a lie: “The Note 4 can now be picked up on AT&T, Verizon and Sprint contracts for $199 USD.” Waiting for it to drop so I can pick one up but still listed on websites for 299 with contract. Wondering if these articles are real or just content page for ads.

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