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PlayStation Teases ‘fast-paced’ Project Morpheus Titles That ‘core gamers will be enjoying for a long time’

In its current state, virtual reality (VR) technology had a lot of strict rules behind it in order to ensure maximum user comfort and avoid worrying issues such as simulator sickness. Pacing is one such issue, ensuring that players can keep up with the action. This means that many VR titles currently favour slower experiences that the player can easily acclimatise to. Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) however has recently teased that it is working for ‘fast-paced’ videogames for ‘core gamers’ on its Project Morpheus HMD for PlayStation 4.


The company’s Shuhei Yoshida recently confirmed as much speaking on a panel focusing on Project Morpheus and VR in general at last weekend’s PlayStation Experience event in Las Vegas, Nevada. “Because we’ve been doing lots of experiments and discovering lots of great stuff, some of the experiences are quite fast,” Yoshida said. “We are surprised how we don’t get sick or people who try don’t get sick with some fast experiences that I cannot talk about that the gamers would totally enjoy.”

He went on to talk about some of the demos that the company had shown for Project Morpheus thus far, including SCE London Studio’s two impressive tech demos in The Deep and Street Luge. “We’ve been showing experiences intentionally something that’s passive and easy on people like The Deep or Street Luge even to make sure that everyone who tries has a great time trying VR first time. But we are discovering at the same time we can create some fast-paced games that core gamers will be enjoy for a long time.”

It’s currently not known when SCE plans to launch Project Morpheus, though it’s hoped that plenty more information on the device will be shared in 2015. In its current state the kit includes positional tracking and a 1080p display, though this is merely a prototype for the eventual consumer version. VRFocus will continue to follow Project Morpheus, reporting back with any further updates on the technology’s progress.

  1. Thanks for the amazing new. yeah it will be awersome. and some tests showed can confirm we can run normal games non morpheus focus so we can watch it in 3D,i dont know if it will be true but the focus is VR so its a reality and yes we want more!!

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