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Radial-G’s Ship Stat ‘Top Trumps’ Revealed

Tammeka Games are gearing-up for the launch of their highly anticipated Radial-G on Steam Early Access next week, and VRFocus has got all the details you need to prepare for the high speed adrenaline rush racing affair. Namely, the crafts that you will be able to pilot and the unique features of each one.

Delivered by the developer as a special treat for the fans of the videogame, Radial-G‘s vehicles are detailed below in a very unique way. A description of each has been provided for your information but also in accompaniment comes an exclusive ‘Top Trump’ style card for you to print and challenge your friends! Who is the fastest? Who has the must grunt in a collision? Who can withstand impact with those dreaded red gates? You can find out this and more below.


Each ship has a full enclosed cockpit design to protect pilots against the vacuum of space, deadly collisions and death rays. Visibility of the 240-degree exterior is ensured via the array of cameras located strategically around the bodywork of each ship, rendered on the internal cockpit semi-holo-displays provided by Synthex as default.

Every ship type has a rating for a number of characteristics that define their uniqueness. These ratings cover aspects such as the handling, acceleration, top speed, shields, damage limitation from gate collisions and additional boost speeds.

All ships include a Smart Shield Generator Unit (SSGU) that creates a localised electromagnetic force field, protecting the nanofibre-enhanced metal alloy chassis and of course, the delicate pilot inside. This system is based on a low-frequency phase-shift detector that reacts upon an immediate collision threat.


Onyx Mk. II

The Onyx MKII has been upgraded since the first appearance of the ship within the CompTech Hot Lap Series earlier in the year. Now boasting two additional, working thrusters provided by D-Sec, building upon the Single Propulsion Engine of the MKI, the ship offers great top speeds and boost but little overall control. Perfect for sprint races.



Whilst modelled on what were once referred to as muscle cars many centuries ago, the Viper offers great acceleration and easy handling at top speeds, thanks to the MSG Corp aerodynamics that adapt and manipulate the shape of the ship constantly to provide ultimate stability. The Triapp Thrusters are a unique design that doesn’t look like they should work on paper but somehow do.


The Hound

The Hound (always prefixed with The) was created in reaction to the narrow Viper class ship in an attempt to create a blocking force to be reckoned with in team-based combat races. Due to the bulk, The Hound is equipped with the largest of thrusters out of the three ships in order to be able to get it off the line, giving it an outrageous top speed, once it gets there. The bulk and design reduces the turning ability, mostly due to the giant, paw-like bodywork extensions dragging along the track when not perfectly level.

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