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Toybox Turbos’ Oculus Support Goes Live Today

One of the best surprises of the year for virtual reality (VR) enthusiasts has been that Codemasters’ manic table top racing title, Toybox Turbos, will be seeing support for the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD). The developer revealed as much back in November, promising that integration would arrive as a free update for the PC version of the title this month. Today the studio makes good on that promise as VR support for Toybox Turbos goes live.


This is essentially a throwback to Codemasters’ fondly-remembered Micro Machines videogame series. As with that franchise, players race miniaturised vehicles around makeshift race courses that range from messy kitchen tables to laboratories littered with science experiments. Players can score power ups to take out opponents as they compete for first place in classic races or take part in a wide range of other modes and options. A total of 35 different vehicles can be raced around 18 trap-filled tracks.

“Virtual reality is something we’ve been super excited about since the Oculus Rift platform was first announced,” said senior producer Chris Gray on the VR support. “With Toybox Turbos we had a fantastic opportunity to do something a bit different, something unexpected. The game really changes when you play in virtual reality. Looking down from above on these intricate and beautifully detailed tracks, seeing all the interactive elements like toy trains circling the table-tops… it makes you feel like a child again, playing with toy cars on your bedroom floor. It’s a real wow moment.”

As VRFocus noted in its review earlier this week, VR support turns Toybox Turbos into a thrilling, colourful racer into a must-have for Oculus Rift owners. Stick with VRFocus for plenty more updates on the title in the future.

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