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Verde Station Launches Full Version, VR Suppport to Follow

It’s a rare sight in this day and age when an indie developer manages to make a videogame announcement and follow it through all the way to release without the need of a Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign. Duelboot Games has done just that with virtual reality (VR) compatible title, Verde Station. The developer announced the title with Oculus Rift support via a Steam Greenlight campaign back in July 2014. Following on in September an Early Access version of the title was released. Today sees Verde Station launch a full version, albeit with VR support till to come.


Verde Station can now be bought from Steam for £3.49 GBP as part of the holiday sale running until 2nd January 2015. Following the sale’s end the price will be set at £6.99. The title is a story-driven, first-person experience set on a space station. Players are cast as a protagonist at the start of a year-long solo mission to look after the facility, with the character beginning to question their sanity as the isolation sinks in. The experience features no combat or puzzles, making it an entirely story and exploration-focused affair, though players will be able to interact with the world in different ways, prompting second playthroughs.

Despite this being the full launch of Verde Station, Duelboot Games has confirmed to VRFocus that support for the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD) is not yet included. Support is currently being tested and the developer hopes to launch it shortly following this release. A more specific timeframe was not provided. The studio hopes to make it the best experience possible with the Oculus Rift and is holding off until it can ensure that that is the case.

VRFocus spoke to the developer’s Soren Silkenson about Verde Station earlier in the year and will continue to provide all of the latest updates on the title.

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