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Vizor Crowdsale Launch Date Announced

Virtual reality (VR) video content sharing platform Vizor have announced late January as the launch window for a private crowdsale of their own digital currency coin, the VIZR token. The money raised from the crowdsale will directly fund the development of Vizor’s ‘Web VR’ technology: an integrated authoring toolset that makes it simple for anyone to create and share a VR experience directly in their browser without expensive hardware or specialist technicians.

VIZR is a user-created crypto asset that enables secure transactions at high speed and low cost. In addition to funding Vizor, the token can also be used for purchasing goods in the Vizor Create Store, a marketplace that offers creative assets like templates, textures, modules and sound effects that can be used to enhance a VR experience. Users create, edit and publish their VR experience in the Vizor Create Programming editor, accessible directly in their own web browser.


“We’ve now made it easy for any user to create and host their own virtual reality experiences in a familiar, YouTube-style content portal,” said Vizor co-founder Wendell Davis. “Our VIZR token is fundamental to the core experience of Vizor. It enables developers to purchase premium building blocks (3D meshes, textures, code, etc) for their projects, while at the same time providing a medium of exchange in the VR world itself.”

Davis added that, “The crowdsale helps us build an active and enthusiastic community that will be viewing, sharing, liking and commenting on these creative, immersive experiences. VIZR token can be traded for anything from virtual furniture in an apartment tour to a film onscreen at a virtual movie theater – the possibilities are endless, and no coding knowledge is required. The VIZR token can also be used to tip content creators, and purchase advertising and other premium features in the Vizor ecosystem. [sic]”


For the crowdsale, Vizor will be launching on Koinify to raise a minimum of $250,000 USD. Anyone will be able to easily purchase VIZR tokens on Koinify with Bitcoins through its simple one-click process. Vizor has also announced plans to bring digital asset exchange Melotic onboard and the company will be the first to offer the VIZR token for trade.

Of the many VR video content sharing portals aiming to become ‘the YouTube of VR’, Vizor is the only to have thus far announced their plans for user remuneration. Many have suggested the same but are yet to confirm exactly how they will finance user contributions. VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest details on Vizor and rival platforms.

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