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Yoshida: Project Morpheus ‘has to be really, really good.’

Today’s PlayStation Experience event in Las   Vegas has already heralded two new additions to the Project Morpheus line up, Endnight Games’ The Forest and the inventive Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, but there’s plenty more to come. The headline panel ongoing at present centres around virtual reality (VR) and specifically Project Morpheus.

With a panel including Shuhei Yoshida, Richard Marks and David Ranyard from Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE), topics of discussion include the reason for bringing Project Morpheus to PlayStation 4 and the ambitions that drive it. Yoshida, famously a fan of the technology, has stated that now is the time for VR as it ‘has to be really, really good.’


“As soon as we released PS Move Studio people started to put together [makeshift] virtual reality headsets,” stated Yoshida. “We want to improve everything so everyone can enjoy a really good experience,” he continues, discussing the fact that not everyone enjoys a good stereoscopic 3D experience.

The talk centres around motion control, latency and other key assets for a good VR experience, all of which suggest that development of Project Morpheus is continuing at pace. No release date has yet been set for Project Morpheus, though the current expectation is that the device will arrive in 2015. VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest details on Project Morpheus and the software coming to the head-mounted display (HMD).

  1. Which we already know it won’t be. Oculus Rift will be the defining VR experience and won’t look stupid with lights and won’t be an exorbitantly overpriced waste of money.

    1. So and how do you know that? You seen the retail version yet? 1440 resolution will be enough though. PS can´t do it? Well do not forget that they own a handy department too. What is easier than to put in a little box in between and they will. So let´s wait and see cause Sony was always good in innovation matters.

    2. It’s not a competition, the oculus rift isn’t gonna be on any consolesever. So if Sony and Microsoft both bring out their own then it’s better for oculus. There’ll be more games and the tech will progress at a faster rate. Not to mention it’ll help with the public view of VR in general.

      Oh and on a side note sony have been working on VR long before Palmer was. Not to put what he did down of course.

      1. …and the TRUTH is – without Sony there would not even be a BluRay to store the games for the Rift 😉 If they both work together – and it seems they do – it´s much better for the market than a single Company alone – even if it is Facebook. We´ll see what they gonna do with the Rift in the end… Maybe it will be downsized to some kind of Facebook Glasses 😉

  2. I really searched so much for Morpheus news at PSX ,so i dont find any video and dont see this conversation,when it was ? Anyway thanks now for you i found something,I am so much excited for morpheus,i realy realy want to buy it,see news and all, im amounting money since now,and i want to see the price and all things about,for me it will be amazing,i want to see if it works like a tv too,so we can play anygame in 3D view,it will be super amazing,imagine any ps4 game with it..surreal.
    I buyed ps4 cam,ps3 cam and psmove motion + navigator, im really excited and now i found this amazing website where i will stay tuned every day like eurogamer… thank you so much
    And one note is i really like oculus too,i think it will run the things with morpheus and i think it will be a friendly parcery or dispute anyway i dont blame oculus,im with all…because it was who put morpheus ideias ON

    Thanks VRfocus. please bring us as much news as you can about morpheus.

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