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Oculus Rift DK2

3D Head Bringing 2K ‘Oculus Killer’ HMD to CES 2015

The 2015 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is set to kick off tomorrow, 6th January in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Just what the show will have in store for virtual reality (VR) is unclear, although Oculus VR has confirmed it will be taking its Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD) to the event. Another VR company that’s set to exhibit is 3D Head, which promises to showcase a brand new HMD that it boldly claims is an ‘Oculus Killer’. That is according to an image of the HMD’s show floor booth.

The image, seen below, comes from Reddit user ThisIsMyRedditNameOK, who also posted a picture of Oculus VR’s booth. The posters at 3D Head’s booth showcase a black HMD that seemingly fits over the top of the user’s head and is complete with its own microphone and controller. The HMD appears to be much larger than most of the HMDs that have come before it, taking up the entire top half of the user’s head. The controller features two grip bars with a screen in the middle, with a Battlefield title running on it.

The promotional material also contains a checklist of features for the 3D Head, though the posters aren’t complete, making them hard to decipher. It appears as if the HMD will support both 2D and 3D PC videogames as well as titles running on a PlayStation, though it’s not clear if this is the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 or both. Arm-tracking also seems to be included as is a 2K resolution, which beats out the 1080p display seen in the Oculus Rift’s second development kit (DK2), though might not best the unspecified display found in the Crescent Bay prototype.

No doubt full details on 3D Head will be made available as CES gets underway. VRFocus is at the show to bring you all of the latest updates on all VR technology.


  1. Actually, I think most people refer to 1080p when they say 2K as 1920 is close to 2K. It’s just a new and snazzy way of saying it, and it sounds better doesn’t it? Oranges and apples, etc. It does seem like the helmet only fits the removable tablet, so uhm… well, looking forward to heads-on impressions tomorrow 🙂

    1. “Actually, I think most people refer to 1080p when they say 2K as 1920 is close to 2K. It’s just a new and snazzy way of saying it, and it sounds better doesn’t it?”


      1. Actually I got a direct message questioning my thinking, that 2K was an industrial standard meaning 1440p 😛 I checked Wikipedia, I know not the most trustworthy source, but at least there 1440p is 2.5K which makes sense as it’s 2560 pixels wide.

        In the end, if it’s important, just add specifications so we don’t have to guess, haha.

    2. After a healthy email discussion I’ve read up and found out that 2K is a digital cinema resolution of precisely 2048×1080 pixels, while 4K is precisely 4096×2160. Consumer 4K is 3840×2160 though, due to a different aspect ratio, this is four times 1920×1080. Indeed UHD is not 4K per definition 😛 If this tablet is 2K, it should be running 2048×1080.

      If marketing want’s to call all screens above that, like a 2560×1440 QHD/WQHD panel, for 2K… I will just read it as 1920×1080 anyway because that’s the consumer equivalent when adjusting for aspect ratio. That’s my head, so sorry about that, it’s not my fault marketing keeps doing naming conventions that doesn’t make sense or use already existing specifications that kind of matches.

      In all honesty I have not seen much push for calling things 2K, and I just interpreted it to what it logically should mean, with the consumer 4K resolution as a base. According to the person emailing me though, 2K supposedly means all screens with a horizontal resolution of 2000 and upwards, something used by cinema and game industry professionals. What do I know, I’m not part of those industries, just a consumer 😛

  2. How you guys can even take this seriously is beyond me. It is obviously some sort of joke.

  3. This again? No, as has already been said on reddit by plenty of people “2K” is USED TO REFER IN THE INDUSTRY AND OTHERWISE AS 1440p.
    Although that isn’t quite the way it should be, IT IS THE WAY IT IS.

    Yeesh… >.>

    1. They have a website and are taking orders. In the USA it is wire-fraud to take money and not deliver within 6 weeks, except that is, for crowdfunding. Does not look like a crock to us.

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