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6000 Moons Launches Alpha 0.8 for Oculus Rift

Plenty of virtual reality (VR) experiences take players to space. Flight simulation experiences such as EVE: Valkyrie are proving to be one of the best ways to show off the technology while other developers are creating software that is both educational and atmospheric. 6000 Moons from Bin Software aims to separate itself from those types of experiences, allowing players to investigate the ‘orbital behaviour’ of the world’s satellites using the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD). This month sees the team release a new pre-release version of the experience.


As the developer explains, 6000 Moons uses publicly available flight and telemetry data to allow players to explore the patterns of these satellites. The software either takes players on a guided tour, with a satellite’s course visibly arching around the Earth, or can they can explore it for themselves. There’s even an option to attach to some of the machines and fly along with them as they travel. Note that the title is still very much in its pre-release stages, meaning ‘the usual caveats apply’. The developer encourages any feedback to be sent to info@binesoftware.com

“We strongly believe direct mode provides the best VR experience, and have done our best to support it,” the developer notes. “However, we have encountered some issues with direct mode on certain video cards. We believe this is due to some remaining issues with OpenGL support in the Oculus SDK, but we’re continuing to investigate. If you experience crashes starting 6000 Moons while in direct mode, please try in extended mode. Feel free to report the issue to us anyway, and let us know what hardware and driver versions you’re using.”

The title can be downloaded for free over on the developer’s official website. VRFocus will continue to follow 6000 Moons progress, reporting back with any further updates on it.

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