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Alpha Muse Announce Early Access Release Date

Alpha Muse is a unique virtual reality (VR) title which puts emphasis on music. The videogame, developed by Current Circus, aims to take players on a first person adventure in which the environment will create music. Current Circus have announced that it will be available on Early Access via Steam in April 2015.

Alpha Muse allows players to roam a surreal landscape which is similar to underwater aquatic environments. While users travel, the music will develop and change. If the player finds a creature it may add tones to the overall score. Each of these creatures will bring a different element to the composition. In turn, the music can be modified by flying through abstract audio reactive spaces. People can collaborate on the music as well as share among themselves.


The title is a community project, so that people can sign up and play for $15 USD, then suggest improvements or features that could be added. Current Circus has stated that they are creating a fun multiplayer world in which players will have a lot more control of the music that is created.

In a news update, the developer stated that it is keen on changing the videogame, however how it will change is said to be ‘top secret’. Alpha Muse is due for release later on this year. VRFocus will keep you updated on the titles progress.

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