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Annapurner Pictures Opens New VR Division

Film production and development company, Annapurna Pictures recently created a virtual reality (VR) division in partnership with VRSE.farm. Megan Ellison, the company’s founder has already partnered with artist Chris Milk, renowned for his music videos from large artists like U2, Audioslave and Kanye West to experiment with VR.

Ellison is most known for producing highly regarded Hollywood films like True Grit, Zero Dark Thirty and Her. This leap into virtual reality industry is a large step in terms of VR cinema. VRSE.farm will allow select film makers to use VR technology to experiment with.

"American Hustle" New York Screening

Milk has previously worked with Beck on the ‘Sound and Vision’ 360 degree experience. This was an interactive music performance in which people can choose the spot they sit in to see from a different perspective. It also featured positional audio so users can hear what it would have sounded like from a particular seat. Another one of his projects, Evolution of Verse will be showcased at Sundance this year as part of the New Frontier category, which will be alongside other VR titles.

In a statement, Milk had this to say: Megan has the most vision and foresight of any producer working in cinema today,” Milk said. “I’m humbled and honored to be exploring the virtual reality medium alongside her. We can’t wait to help our fellow filmmakers write a completely new storytelling language.”

VRSE.farm plans on releasing an app which will allow people to download VR experiences Milk’s Evolution of Verse. VRFocus will keep you updated on the latest on VRSE.farm.

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  1. the VR is wining power.we will see much more soon,but hey in a sundance having news about VR,its great!! i dont expected it so early

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