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I Am Cardboard Launches Kickstarter Campaign For New HMD

After the success of I Am Cardboard’s virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD) with its own version of the Google Cardboard, have returned to launch it’s Kickstarter campaign with the new HMD the XG VR. The HMD uses smartphone processing power in order to create a visceral experience.

On the Kickstarter page, I Am Cardboard states that it had several things in mind when designing this particular device, durability, compatibility and affordability. The design is intended to be easy to use, making is accessible and easy to attach the phone by simply opening a compartment in the front of the device. XG VR is supposedly compatible with a multitude of IOS and Android devices and will provide a 100 degree field of view.


The original HMD from I Am Cardboard was a simple cardboard design inspired by Google Cardboard. However it was originally only intended to be used for a handful of VR enthusiasts. Inspired by the design of the Google Cardboard, the company decided not to stop there and have designed and created a new device which is better quality and more sturdy.

Currently the Kickstarter has reached $52,128 USD of it’s $20,000 goal, however if the Kickstarter reaches $100,000 people who purchase the product will get a travel case. If the $200,000 mark is reached then users will also get a mystery item. The campaign still has 39 days to go.

VRFocus will keep you updated on I Am Cardboard’s new HMD.

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