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Clockwork Demons Discuss Bringing Adopted to Other Platforms

Small developer Clockwork Demon have been working on new Oculus compatible title Adopted. In this intriguing new experience players will play a newly rescued dog named Luchador. At such a tense time for the owners, it is the player’s job to influence the situation however they see fit. The game explores virtual reality(VR) as a story telling device by putting you in the first person perspective of a dog.

VRFocus recently engaged Clockwork Demons co-founders in a Q&A session. When asked they discussed the possibility of Adopted being brought to other platforms. They did state that “We are open to all options for the future”. However, they stressed that the first priority is making a worthwhile experience for all PC players. The titles success is also a very big point, as they proposed that “If the game is successful, we’ll bring the same commitment to our fans who want to play on other platforms…”. The team however, are focused on bringing the best immersive experience they can on PC. But they might be bringing Adopted to other consoles if it’s what the fans want.


Adopted is due for release sometime in 2016, although the release date is currently unknown.  The title will be released on PC with Oculus Rift compatibility. For now VRFocus will continue to keep you updated on the progress of Adopted.

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