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Dark Deception Launches New Kickstarter Campaign With Reduced Target, PS4 Version

Yesterday VRFocus reported on confirmation that indie developer Glowstick Games’ Dark Deception would be coming to PlayStation 4 along with full support for the Project Morpheus head-mounted display (HMD). The news came with the promise of a fresh Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign that would be launching soon. As it turns out the relaunch was very soon indeed; Glowstick Games has just started the campaign, complete with a drastically reduced base goal, new platforms and the promise of a release in the near future.


The campaign’s goal is set at $15,000 USD, some $35,000 less than the previous campaign, which had hoped to raise $50,000. Reaching this amount will ensure that Dark Deception arrives on PlayStation 4 as well as PlayStation Vita, Wii U and, of course, PC with full support for the Oculus Rift HMD. A number of hidden stretch goals are teased, promising to enhance the title with goals that reach all the way up to $100,000. Should the campaign prove successful then the developer hopes to launch the title in July 2015.

Dark Deception is a Pac-man-esque title that casts players as a cop on the run. Players will explore large mazes gathering soul shards as they are hunted by horrific monsters such as bloody, knife-wielding monkeys.

“Once we got our hands on an Oculus Rift dev kit (about a month into development) we were instantly sold,” the developer says of the title’s VR support. “Maze games and horror work really well in VR. We firmly believe VR is the future of gaming and we are working tirelessly to provide an intense, but comfortable experience. Oculus is doing their part to help remove motion sickness, but we have to do our part as well. That means delivering a game that runs over 90 fps and lets the player have full control. We are also bringing Dark Deception to Sony’s Morpheus.”

Those interested in Dark Deception can currently pledge $10 to get an early bird copy of the title limited to just 40 places. After that the price rises to $15. The campaign is due to end on 1st February 2015, giving it just this month to reach its goals. VRFocus will continue to follow Dark Deception‘s progress, reporting back with any further updates on the title.

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