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Disney Developed Big Hero 6 VR app

This week at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) a panel was held with Andy Hendrickson of Walt Disney Animation as well as Nate Mitchell of Oculus VR. During the course of the panel, Hendrickson discussed applications of virtual reality (VR) in Disney. During the course of the discussion he mentioned that Disney has developed a Big Hero 6 app based on the new film.

“Most stories are told in a more time-linear fashion” stated Andy Hendrickson. He then went on to suggest that Disney is researching that technology, he’s just unsure what the company will do with it. With this in mind Hendrickson went on to ask “What would Frozen VR be?” to which Mitchell replied: “Awesome”.


Mitchell then took to saying: “You can wander and you can actually miss story points very blatantly, and that does work,” suggesting that there are problems applying VR to linear story lines because people are at risk at missing key story elements. Mitchell then went on to say: “but what we’re telling story tellers is to keep it small. It’s way too early days for Frozen VR, sadly, ” Mitchell concluded.

Hendrickson then proposed that Disney has developed a VR app based on the upcoming Marvel and Disney film Big Hero 6. The app will take players through the main character ‘Hiro’s’ room.

Although they did not state whether this experience will be released to the public or not.

VRFocus will keep you updated as CES progresses.

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