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Fan made 3D Oculus Art

There is a lot of interesting fan art around the internet covering virtual reality (VR) head-mounted displays (HMDs). VRFocus thought that it was time to take a look at some of the fan made 3D recreations of Oculus Rift HMDs.

Sketchfab.com allows 3D artists to share designs and textures. In proper fashion, some have taken to recreating Oculus Rift HMDs in 3D. You can get a good look at all these HMDs from all angles by clicking and moving the mouse around. Some are based on existing Oculus Rift HMDs, however others are concepts for what the final consumer version (CV1) could possibly look like.

As you can see, many of the fan concepts for CV1 look much more streamlined and condensed. Also you see that this particular design is much more simplified with only one wire blended into the right hand side.  Setting itself apart from the previous development kits, these concepts take on more of a goggle look with the HMD seemingly more molded for the face.


Oculus Rift
by Mestaty
on Sketchfab

Oculus VR Rift – 3D Fan Art
by DamianKarczewski
on Sketchfab

These development kit 1 (DK1) models are also featured on Sketchfab ,with precision these 3D models show off all aspects of the DK1 headset. In these you can really see the leaps made from the DK1 to the conceptual CV1. When seeing these models, you can really get a good look at the dimensions of the HMDs as well as getting a look at the size of the screens.

Oculus Rift in 3D
by aboulicious
on Sketchfab

Oculus Rift Dev Kit
by zakri
on Sketchfab

More fan made art of VR HMDs is available on Sketchfab.com. Take a look at some of the brilliant models from these artists. VRFocus will keep you updated other VR based fan art.

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