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Gear VR

Gear VR Now Available in the UK

December 2014 saw Samsung and Oculus VR’s anticipated new smartphone-based virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD), Gear VR, launch in the USA. Ever since that release VR enthusiasts around the world have wondered when the device might launch in their territories. Certain countries in Europe have already seen a quiet release via their respective official Samsung online stores. Today finally sees such a launch take place in the UK. Gear VR can now be ordered directly from the official Samsung UK website.


The kit is available for £199 GBP as a bundle with Samsung’s wireless Bluetooth Android controller, which works with Android smartphones.  A controller-free version is also available for £169. Both versions of the kit are listed as in stock, although there isn’t any information about when it will ship.

Despite its release outside of the USA, Gear VR owners are still awaiting the launch of a premium option for the Oculus VR Store that hosts all compatible content. Currently the storefront is filled with free experiences including demos, videos and, in rare cases, full videogames. Oculus VR itself has said that the international rollout of Gear VR and the launch of the premium store aren’t linked, meaning that paid for content could hit the USA before it arrives worldwide.

Those picking up a Gear VR should note that the kit only works with Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 enlarged smartphone. That said, VRFocus recently learned that a new version of the HMD will be arriving with support for the company’s unannounced Galaxy S6 flagship handset. A completely new iteration of the device with positional tracking support is also said to be on the way. VRFocus will continue to follow Gear VR closely, reporting back with any further updates on the kit.

  1. I’ve been waiting and waiting for the international rollout to happen. I’m still waiting for the release in Australia so here is hoping that we will be next….. I think if they are to be releasing these headsets quickly with each tick tock (note X, then Sx) then they really need to time the releases closer to the phone availability. I bought the Note 4 when it was released with the expectation of a gear VR release very soon after but all these delays mean we are now closer to a galaxy S6 release. By the time the last territories receive the device it will be time for the Note 5 to be released and no doubt a new version of Gear VR making your device obsolete before you even get much chance to use it.

    Don’t get me wrong I am very excited about the release and as soon as it is available in Australia I will buy it. It’s just a little disappointing that it takes so long for the rest of us to get out hands on it and no doubt I will also want to get the note 5 and the next gear VR.

  2. read ur story about gear vr. so i went on website and ordered 1. all payed for. now waiting for reply from samsung regarding when it be posted. as i phoned samsung up for info but they ad no idea it been released on site yet.

  3. I’m due an upgrade in 10 days, this is such a tease!
    The sensible side of me says;
    “Wait for the S6, it’ll be more powerful than the Note 4, have a higher ppi screen, and likely run cooler due to the rumoured 14nm Exynos chip powering it, and hey, Samsung might even release an updated GearVR for the thing! *wink* And if you’re super-lucky it might even support positional tracking ”

    But the impatient VR enthusiast in me says;
    “Just upgrade to the Note 4 and grab an innovator edition GearVR – you could have it all in ten days time! So what if the current version is obsolete in a few months? You’ll only have to wait another two years to upgrade to a new handset, but – 10 DAYS!!!”

    This is a serious internal struggle you guys.

  4. Thanks for this! I ordered the controller bundle. Mine is currently being prepared for dispatch so looks like theyre instock 🙂

  5. recieved limited stock of my vr yest. av to say its amazing. but fuming i can not get the milk app on my phone. it only as so much u can do. and playing temple run. i ad bit motion sickness. but it is still awesome

  6. Well this is a con, I signed up to their waiting list to be informed when this would go on sale in the UK and they STILL haven’t sent an e-mail informing me it launched.

    Now its out of stock. Not cool Samsung, not cool.

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