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Gyeongju VR Museum Comes to Gear VR

This week’s Oculus VR Store update has already brought an anticipated videogame to Samsung’s Gear VR smartphone-based virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD), but it also delivers a unique new travel experience. Indie developer Clicked has released Gyeongju VR Museum onto the digital store for free. As the name suggests, the experience allows players to take a look at the city of Gyeongju, a coastal environment found in South Korea, offering unique features that will educated them about the city.


Interestingly, Gyeongju VR Museum isn’t just a brick and mortar museum that players can walk around. Instead it’s possible to pick several spots from around the city to warp to and enjoy a 3D rendition of. Locations include the Bulguksa Temple, Sukgulam, the Poseokjeong site and the Cheomseongdae astronomical observatory. Environments aren’t simply static but can instead be interacted with in order to educate users about their heritage and give them an in-depth look at certain objects and structures.

It’s not quite clear if this is the full version of Gyeongju VR Museum or simply a demo version. Gear VR launched in the USA in December 2014 as an ‘Innovator’s Edition’. The device itself is yet to enable developers to charge for content, meaning everything posted on the Oculus VR Store at this point in time is free. A premium option is expected to arrive early in 2015 as is the international release of the device.

VRFocus will continue to follow Gear VR and its software, reporting back with any further updates on the kit.

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