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Images Revealed of Oculus Demo Booth for CES

In the wake of Consumer Electronics Show(CES) people have been preparing to view and demo Oculus’ latest iteration of head mounted display (HMD). The virtual reality (VR) HMD is to be showcased with their impressive two storey booth. Part of the allure of Oculus Rifts new Crescent Bay prototype is that it is supposedly ‘on the road’ to the consumer version (CV1). Recently a picture of Oculus Rift’s Crescent Bay booth, used for the standing demos at CES was leaked on Reddit.

Oculus Rift has always been a sitting down experience to be explored. However with Crescent Bay’s 360 degree positional tracking, it has the capability to be a standing experience as well. Back in September at the Oculus Connect Developer Conference, Oculus had its first standing demo. A picture was posted on Reddit by user Hotfixen in the run up to CES with a look at the room. As seen in the picture below,  standing demos are set to return though it is not known if they are the same demos from September. Though you had to sign health and safety forms in September it unknown if you have to at CES.

The new Crescent Bay prototype is certainly on its way to consumer standard as it has shown its 360 degree tracking with integrated audio. It’s designed to give the player the best immersive experience possible. Also different from the Oculus development kit 2(DK2) is the Crescent Bay’s screen. The screen is said to be better than the 1080p screen in the DK2, however the resolution is to be confirmed.

We will know more at CES on the Crescent Bay prototype and the standing demos. Below is the image of the booth with soundproofing for the standing demos. Until then VRFocus will keep you updated on all VR information coming out of CES.

Oculus Booth CES

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