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Make it a (Virtual) Reality: 2015

For the past year, VRFocus has been delivering the latest updates on virtual reality (VR) videogames and hardware. But while much of the coverage is rooted in the facts and realities of the technology, once a week VRFocus’ mind drifts and wonders about what videogames and franchises could make great VR adaptions. The feature is going to carry on in 2015, with a look at some of the latest releases. But looking at the year ahead, there are some franchises that this feature has already visited.


Batman: Arkham Knight, for example, is looking to launch later on in 2015, promising to be one of the most exciting takes on the character yet. In VR the franchise could deliver unique takes on Bruce Wayne’s gadgets, while using the likes of positional audio as signs to aid you in combat. While it could be a struggle to bring the full superhero experience to VR, immersive stealth sections and liberating navigation make this a tempting prospect.

Naughty Dog’s celebrated Uncharted series is also set to make a return. Bringing Nathan Drake’s explosive adventures to VR would certainly prove challenging but it would be worth it for how easily it would get the heart racing and how it could enhance the platform-based mechanics. It would also be one of the most visually spectacular VR experiences yet seen.

Easily one of 2015’s most anticipated releases and most-requested VR adaptions is No Man’s Sky, the ambitious procedurally-generated universe coming from Hello Games. VR has already proven its worth in terms of exploring immersive worlds so what better fit for the technology than this enormous title in which players discover their very own planets?


The revival of the Star Wars franchise has been one of the biggest stories of the past few years and with the new film and DICE’s Star Wars: Battlefront due out in 2015 it’s time to see what VR could bring to this famous franchise. Setting foot on Hoth and taking part in the Battle of Endor? Making these things a reality is surely one of the most dreamed-of applications of VR.

Last years’ Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeros was a brilliant taster of what’s to come in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. VR could bring this series to new heights with players truly becoming Snake for the first time, sneaking through vents and pulling boxes over their heads.

The new entry in The Legend of Zelda series is surely the most anticipated title for Wii U fans next year. Although VR is not something Nintendo seems to be playing with this is one series that everyone agrees would be a perfect fit for the technology, bringing the same kind of invention to VR that it did for motion controls on the Wii. It’s a real shame the prospect of a VR The Legend of Zelda is a long way off.

That’s just a handful of the 2015 releases that VRFocus has already looked at. Make sure to check back every Friday for another entry where 2015’s other big titles, retro classics and perhaps even some other projects will be put under examination.

  1. A first person VR Batman and Uncharted game would be scary. Imagine those places where Drake is swinging the rope over a cliff or barely holing on to the edge of a burning building with the tip of his fingers. Imagine leaping down from a 400 meter tall skyscraper as Batman.

  2. You can notice much games on 2015 and much being perfect for morpheus like emagon,so its going to be great could see grain perfect on your eyes,they there jumping from the earth…hahaha it was my first experience with 3D glasses,hope morpheus do better..and he will.as well as rift. so much games can make suport and much can be great even in 3 Person,alien isolation is a perfect candidate for this one.

    1. Emagon is not a game or something for VR it was just teasing a Spanish charity auction for the PS4 Anniversary Edition.

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