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Microsoft Launches Developer Question Form for HoloLens

Despite Microsoft spending a good 30 minutes discussing its new HoloLens head-mounted display (HMD) during a reveal event earlier today, there are still plenty of questions to ask about the holographic technology. The company has already addressed concerns such as pricing and specs, but no doubt that countless developers are hoping to find out more and potentially even start creating for the device themselves. For those interested Microsoft has opened a specific contact page for developer questions.


The page can be found here and requires users to enter their primary role followed by how many years of experience they have. There’s then a blank slate to write questions. The page notes that the form is specifically for asking questions about developing apps for HoloLens, so the types of answers received will likely be very limited. Still, this page will no doubt prove useful for the many developers that will have taken interest in today’s announcements.

HoloLens forms part of a new concept that Microsoft has labelled Windows Holographic. The HMD consists of see-through lenses that project holographic content onto everyday surfaces and walls. The technology has a wide range of potential applications but will also be used for videogames, with Microsoft showing off two Minecraft experiences at the reveal event. VRFocus will continue to follow HollowLens closely, reporting back with any further updates.

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