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Oculus: People ‘still sceptical’ about Facebook Deal

Nate Mitchell co-founder of Oculus VR had an interview at 2015 Consumer Electronic Show (CES) this week around the Crescent Bay virtual reality (VR) head mounted display (HMD). First however he was asked about the controversy that Oculus VR faced and still faces today on the Facebook acquisition a year ago. In the interview Mitchell detailed that he understood that people are sceptical.

In the interview by Maximum PC Mag, Mitchell was asked his opinion on the people who are still sceptical on Oculus VR’ being acquired by Facebook. Mitchell had this to say on the Facebook acquisition: “I think that the hatred and a lot of the initial anger has subsided. I was reading some comments on Facebook today on some of the interviews and announcements we made here and people are still sceptical of the relationship between Facebook and Oculus.”


He continued:”I think that a lot of that initial gut reaction has gone away but people still think Facebook will poison Oculus.” He continued. “Now, all that said, in the last year things have gone incredibly well and I think people will be hard pressed to point to anything that Facebook or Oculus have done which wasn’t part of our original mission. We open sourced the development kit 1 (DK1), we ramped up the teams way faster than we would have been able to otherwise, release two products simultaneously. We’re recruiting the best team in the world. The ownness has always been on us. However we had to think ‘what was best for VR’, how do we get consumer VR to change the world and joining with Facebook seemed like the most obvious way to do that.”

After being asked what Mitchell would say to the naysayers in the community, he responded: “Nothing, actions speak louder than words. It’s totally normal to be sceptical but we are going to come through in the end.”

VRFocus is at CES and will keep you updated on all the latest information.



  1. Without hearing the actual audio, I’d have to guess that he said “onus” and not “ownness”.

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