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New HMD SeeBright Wave Unveiled at CES

The Consumer Electronics Show 2015 has seen some interesting Head-mounted displays (HMDs) like FOVE, 3D Head and the OSVR Hacker kit. The new SeeBright Wave HMD aims to be an innovation of not only virtual reality (VR) but also augmented reality(AR).

Though admittedly the SeeBright Wave is more of an AR HMD, it does have many VR features. Its transparent screen means that people can interact while using AR videogames and apps. SeeBright have created a HMD to use with the smartphone. The company believes that its HMD has things not just for gamers, but also see it as having professional and academic applications by using information displays. Another important thing to note is that it is said to have the widest field of view of any other transparent display. 


“We have figured out how to turn your smartphone into a true see-through augmented reality display with the widest field-of-view of any see-through display out there and we will deliver it on Kickstarter with our motion controller for less than $150,” said John Murray, Seebright Co-Founder and CTO. “The Seebright Wave HMD system is a significant refinement of prior designs and uses a revolutionary curved multi-mirror optical design resulting in low optical distortion. It projects high resolution images from a smartphone for both high quality AR and VR experiences.”

SeeBright Wave’s Kickstarter will be in February, which the company will use to fund its ‘multi-mirror HMD’ as well as its ‘9 -axis motion controller. Below you can see an image of the new HMD. VRFocus will continue to keep you updated on SeeBright Wave’s progress.

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