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New Software Recreates Crimes

Virtual reality (VR) has many wider applications than just videogames. Before it was attached to the entertainment industry, it was used by the military for parachute training, combat simulations and also a way of treating post traumatic stress disorder. Recently scientists in Switzerland have developed a system called the ‘forensic holodeck’ which allows them to recreate crime scenes.

The ‘forensic holodeck’ requires a wide range of input in order to work. First of all a 3D scan is taken of the room combined with a mixture of CCTV footage and forensic data. Once all the data is collected, it is possible to give a reconstruction of the crime in a single frame so that people can get an idea of the scenario. BBC Click spoke to researcher Lars Ebert on the implications of these recreations. Although the program doesn’t recreate animated scenes, a frame is enough to give an understanding of how things transpired. VR could very well change the way evidence is presented in court as it appears to be the cohesion of evidence to recreate a crime with accuracy.


There is no telling if or when this method will be applied to wider crime solving techniques however the benefits are obvious. VRFocus will keep you updated on the latest VR content.

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