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NightTime Terrors Unveils New Screenshots

Following the release of VRBits’ NightTime Terrors, the company has unveiled new screenshots. The title takes place within a child’s nightmare in which the player must destroy the twisted toys. NightTime Terrors is compatible with the second development kit (DK2) of Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD).

NightTime Terrors is a top down shooter in which the player must use an array of weapons and power-ups to defeat the enemies. The full title features different maps all reminiscent of the places children play, yet they are twisted by the nightmare. Enemies are also nightmarish plush toys and figures which will attack the player if they get too close.

In the screenshots below, there is some of the map designs including the child’s play mat which many children use. Also featured are other maps like a desk top, complete with books and plants, and what appears to be a living room floor. Enemies are also shown in the images as being soft toys except they are intended to look monstrous. These images give an indication of the variation of toys players will have to defeat.

NightTime Terrors is now available on the website for $7.99 USD. VRFocus will keep you updated on all VRBits’ content.

NightTime Terrors 1 NightTime Terrors 2 NightTime Terrors 3

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