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Nozon’s PresenZ Allows Positional Tracking in CG Films

Nozon is a company dedicated to creating 3D effects but is also an advocate of virtual reality (VR) films. The studio has developed a method of adding presence to films by creating a sense of parallax. PresenZ is software which allows positional tracking for CG films. It is similar to how the Oculus Rift’s development kit 2 (DK2) provides tracking in videogames.

When watching CG VR films there are recurring problems. One is that you can’t look around objects. It feels immersive, until the user wants to see what’s behind something. However, this new Presenz software allows you to look behind objects by leaning from side to side. The software doesn’t just allow better immersion though, it also adds parallax. Parallax refers to how objects appear to be, depending on the viewpoint. For example, if you were to move from one side of the room to the other, it would seem that the object may be in a different position. By bringing this to its 360 degree stereoscopic films. Nozon hopes to create a sense of presence. As the company states on its website, it means that it can combine 360 degree stereoscopic blockbuster content with the immersion you can find in a VR videogame.


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