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Oculus-Developed Rocket Toss Hits Gear VR

When Samsung released the Gear VR smartphone-based virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD) in the USA in late 2014, partner Oculus VR also launched its first internally-developed videogame for it. That title was HeroBound: First Steps, a third-person dungeon crawler that can currently be downloaded for free. Many have wondered when Oculus VR might reveal its next title. Today sees the company not only announced its new project but even release it onto Gear VR. That project is Rocket Toss.


Developed in-house as a Unity demo to test software, Rocket Toss isn’t the big VR production that some might be hoping to see from Oculus VR in the future. In fact, it’s even smaller and simpler than HeroBound: First Steps. Operated from a first-person perspective, players used the Gear VR’s head-tracking technology to aim at miniature rockets that hover in front of them. By swiping the touchpad on the side of the HMD players throw rings that they must try to get over these rockets, which will shoot off when a successful throw is made.

The aim is to simply score as many points as possible. Rockets are presented in waves with players having a limited amount of rings to throw in each wave. Should the player run out of rings then the current session will conclude and a list of high scores will be presented. Players can earn multipliers by making a number of successful throws in a row. The title is presented in a simple urban sci-fi setting.

As with everything else currently available on the Oculus VR Store, Rocket Toss is free to download. The store itself is yet to enable developers to charge for their content, meaning that it’s currently populated with the likes of demos, videos and, in some cases, free full videogames. Gear VR has also started to roll out across Europe over the past few weeks. VRFocus will continue to follow all of the latest VR updates, reporting on any further news.

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