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Pneuma: Breath of Life Launches Greenlight Campaign on Steam

Pneuma: Breath Of Life is a new first person virtual reality (VR) puzzle solving videogame developed by Deco Digital Workshop. The title has recently opened it’s Steam Greenlight campaign in the hope to get enough yes votes and become available via Steam on release. This videogame is aimed to release with support from Oculus Rift’s head-mounted display (HMD) the second development kit (DK2).

Pneuma: Breath of Life puts players into a unique world with many puzzles. The title will not be about how good the user is with a controller, but comes down to observational and lateral thinking skills. It is the job of the player to solve these puzzles in different ways using manipulation, perception and observation of small details.


While the player solves puzzles the character will narrate the interior struggle. The character the user plays as is Pneuma, a god who is voiced by the award winning voice actor Jay Britton. Described as being self-obsessed and comical, the character struggles to journey through the puzzling world. The videogame is intended so that the player witnesses the ‘genesis of the universe’ as the god wrestles with the nature of reality. As stated on the Steam page, Deco Digital Workshop want people to experience looking at objects and manipulating them through the eyes of a god, something they can only do with VR HMDs.

Pneuma: Breath of Life is due to release early 2015. VRFocus will keep you updated on all the latest from the videogame.

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