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Gear VR

Samsung’s Gear VR Now Available At BestBuy

So far Samsung’s smartphone-based virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD) has only been made available through the company’s official site in the USA. It appears that a European rollout is finally nearing, but the kit is now becoming more readily available in the USA too. This week sees retailing giant BestBuy list the device on its website, making it the first third-party outlet to see the kit.

The Gear VR is available for free shipping at BestBuy for $199 USD and is currently the only third party retailer which the HMD is readily available. News of the Gear VR comes after shipping dates on Samsung’s Swedish website were revealed. This could mark a point in which the VR device will become available in a much wider range of stores.


Samsung’s Gear VR is a mobile based HMD using the Galaxy Note 4 android phone to power all of its VR content. The company is already set at releasing more VR content on it’s own marketplace, Oculus VR Store, where people will be able to purchase videogames and apps. It is not known at what point the store will give people a ‘premium’ option to pay for content, however vice President of product at Oculus, Nate Mitchell did state at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) that an international release was not coupled with the premium content.

The evidence suggests that the device is soon to roll out for an international release, although exact release details are not known. VRFocus will keep you updated on Gear VR’s international release.

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  1. Finally,but for me or TOTEN VR or Morpheus,but its ggreat so many people can buy,here i need to wait sell because the burocracy of my country

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