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SlenderCraft VR Available Now on Oculus Share

New virtual reality (VR) title SlenderCraft VR allows players to experience Slenderman in a 16-bit style world. The videogame is reminiscent of both Slender VR, which is a horror experience and Minecraft, which allows the player to build anything using blocks. After stepping through a mysterious portal, it is the job of the player to find all the notes and craft the tools in order to escape. SlenderCraft VR is now available on Oculus VR Share.

The premise of the title is very similar to the original Slenderman experience except styled to look 16-bit. In the videogame there is a map the player has to explore to find notes and materials which have been scattered around the area. Each time you pick up a note, the chance of Slenderman appearing behind or in front of you will increase. If you stare at it for too long you will get a game over and have to restart. The map is a recreation of the Slenderman environment but instead featuring buildings being made out of blocks from Minecraft.


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