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Soundscape VR Gets a New Look

In October 2014 Leap Motion kicked off its 3D game jam, which produced a lot of interesting titles. The aim was that all developers utilised Leap Motion’s hand-tracking controller to create a unique virtual reality (VR) experience. A total 20 semi-finalists were selected back in December 2014, with winners to be selected on 10th January 2015. In the running is music experience Soundscape VR which developer Sander Sake has recently redesigned the look of.

Making full use of the application’s Leap Motion hand-tracking and the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD), Soundscape VR uses an array of on screen buttons to grant players the tools to toy with the title’s music. Changing the flow of the music will change the colour of the area that players find themselves in. The new look has more of a digital neon appeal, a feature which is used to full effect. Combined with the changing of sound and light can form a sense of creative freedom.

Soundscape VR’s new update is just a small part of the new 3D game jam. The results of the contest will be revealed on 10th January, with over $75,000 USD in prizes being issued to the winners. You can see the newly designed videogame below. VRFocus will keep you updated on the progress of Leap Motions 3D game jam.

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