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SpaceVR Aims To Take VR To The Stars

SpaceVR is a new idea aimed a bringing a unique experience to people. The aim is to send a 360 degree camera into space to film the inside and outside of the International Space Station (ISS). Back on Earth people will be able to enjoy the content using virtual reality (VR) head-mounted displays (HMDs), smartphones and PCs.

The idea behind this venture is to allow people who will never get a chance to go to space to experience the phenomenon for themselves. SpaceVR intends to help people to think of themselves as astronauts. Another feature is that it will allow people to experience what is called the ‘overview effect’. This was first explained by one of the advisers Frank White who is also an author of ‘The Overview Effect: Space Exploration and Human Evolution’. To put it simply, the overview effect is a surreal feeling experienced by observing the planet in context. The sensation is described as stripping away all the feelings on the breakdowns and conflicts of society, replacing it with a sense of global community. SpaceVR’s founder Ryan Holmes stated to C|NET: “We hope to bring the deep, life-changing experience that all astronauts feel, the overview effect, to the average person,”

Space VR2

Currently SpaceVR has other plans which go further beyond ISS. The company has discussed a timeline for what it has planned for the future. 2017 is when the company aims to put a camera on the moon, then 2022 an asteroid and finally in 2026 Mars.

SpaceVR is looking to crowdfunding after they have raised some seed money to get into space. VRFocus will keep you updated on SpaceVR’s progress.

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  1. SURREAL ,AMAZING!!! i really want to see,when they launch i will have morpheus ^^ for sure! But its amazing, isee an vr photo 360 on an video where the guy see mars,its super amazing,because my dad come with the theory that the man dont goes to moon,and now we can prove its false…so it will be amazing see the universe. i really want it!!!

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