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Spectre gets Oculus DK2 Integration

After its successful Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign in March 2014, indie developer Proscenium quickly acted on the needs of their community. After only 8 months Spectre was released for early access on Steam with full support from Oculus Rifts development kit 1 (DK1). However, Proscenium announced Spectre is now newly compatible with the development kit 2 (DK2)

Spectres multiplayer experience will greatly be enhanced by the the DK2s 1080p screen resolution. Being able to see the level with such quality will bring a better experience to the player. Not only is there going to be an increase in picture quality, but the positional tracking for the DK2 would make the player feel as enclosed as it would be terrifying. The use of the DK2 positional tracking would complete the Spectre experience by pushing the first person illusion to the limit.


Spectres multiplayer experience involves a 3 v 1 game type in which 3 people will play as seekers to hunt the creature within a dark desolate manor. It is the role of the creature to set traps and ambush the seekers. The single player is similar as it features playing as a seeker alone being stalked by the spectre. While avoiding her, you must find a way to destroy her for good.

The videogame is currently available via Steam early access. You can find instructions to set up your own DK2 for the video game on the Steam page. This is expected to release fully with Oculus DK1 and DK2 compatibility, though there is no news when. VRFocus will keep you updated on this titles progress.

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  1. Ho comprato ieri spectre ho un i5 g force 970 8 g ram ogni volta che provo a far partire il gioco con il mio dk2 in modalità estesa non mi compare nulla sul dk2 ma solo sul monitor e poco dopo il computer va in crasch

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