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Runes: The Forgotten Path screenshot

Stormborn Studio Bringing Runes: The Forgotten Path to Oculus Rift

Indie developer Stormborn Studios has been developing a videogame which is intended to make full use of Oculus Rift’s virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display’s (HMDs) the development kit 2 (DK2). Runes: The Forgotten Path allows player to cast spells using analogue sticks or hand movements with the Razer Hydras or the STEM motion controllers.

This videogame aims to immerse the player in the role of a powerful mage. As this character, the player will have magic at their disposal, which is cast using runes. Runes are cast by moving your hands in the shape indicated. Each rune has a different motion for the player to replicate, but you can mix and match them to create unique spells.


According to the website, this can appeal to all videogamers. You can simply use a normal console controller or the developers personal favourite’s, the heir to the Razer Hydras, the STEM. The latter, is the kind of immersion Stormborn Studios is aiming at, as it wants the player to be able to ‘become’ the mage. Though nothing is official yet, they have expressed interest in Leap Motion.

Stormborn Studios has been actively asking for people to join it’s mailing list so that it is known that there is demand for the game. If it is the case, then it will start a crowd funding web page.

VRFocus will keep you updated on the progress of Runes: The Forgotten Path.

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