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STRAFE Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Indie developer Pixel Titans has launched a new Kickstarter campaign for new virtual reality (VR) title STRAFE. The title parodies videogames from the 1990’s through its over use of first person violence. Its campaign currently requires just over $185,000 USD for the Kickstarter to be a success. The videogame will have compatibility from Oculus VR’s second development kits (DK2) head-mounted display (HMD).

STRAFE puts users in the role of a character on his yearly scrapping mission to other planets. The scout ship is intended to meet up with another giant spacecraft called the Icarus. The ship cannot be found but the player can teleport onto the Icarus as it is within range. It is at this point, the player is dropped into what is intended to be first person mayhem. Users will be bombarded with relentless amounts of enemies as they make their way through the levels. Each time the videogame starts, the map will be different as it is randomly generated. One thing that Pixel Titans likes state is that all the ‘gibs’ and blood will stay in the level as an incentive to see the carnage the player creates.


There are three weapons to choose from at the start, which include a machine gun, shotgun and a rail-gun. All of them will have a secondary firing method. Users can also find power-ups which affect damage, reload time and secondary fire of any given weapon. The audience are able to find other ‘hidden’ weapons through out the levels including a secret super weapon. Another feature is the ability to collect scrap off enemy corpses to use as ammo or armor, however the user can sell the scrap to gain power-ups.

STRAFE currently has around $32,000 of its total goal however pledging certain amounts of money to the videogame will give out rewards, including the players name in the credits. The campaign ends on the 19th February. VRFocus will keep you updated on all the new content on Kickstarter.

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