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Vector 36 Greenlit on Steam

Previously VRFocus reported on virtual reality (VR) racing title Vector 36 developed by Red River Studio, releasing a playable demo. Following the release, the title has been Greenlit on Steam. On release the videogame will be available for download on Valve’s digital store. The title puts players on Mars where people compete in races using machines called Skimmers.

Red River Studios states that the title is a racing title, yet it has some simulator mechanics. Unlike other racing titles is is said that the controls are complicated, as the company want the title to be immersed as if you are flying a complicated vehicle. Part of the videogame is the full customisation of the skimmer. Players are able to add thrusters and other parts which people can earn through going up in ranks.


The first person perspective is intended to give full immersion while looking out for weather and environmental hazards which are supposed to hinder the racer. Vehicles will only be driven by the players input as well as the way a player tunes their personal skimmer. According to Red River Studios, it is important to tackle the game without VR first, stating that it is more important to learn to fly before getting fully immersed in the title.

Red River Studios had this to say on Vector 36’s Steam page: “Yesterday, Vector36 was greenlit! This is awesome for so many reasons. Thanks to the voters, the players, and Steam for making this a reality. I will keep you posted with updates as I go. YAY, Ryan.”

VRFocus will keep players updated on the titles development progress.

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